Investing in a sustainable future

Combining the expertise and strength of key actors in the sustainable energy sector, Virya Energy activities span the entire energy value chain from green energy generation to its distribution.

Through its entities, Virya Energy is active and invests in the fields of: wind and solar energy, sustainable hydrogen development, energy distribution and services for the energy industry.

Renewable energy production

We generate sustainable power utilizing a diversified portfolio of wind and solar energy, and hydropower installations. The majority of our assets are located in Europe, but we continue to establish strategic partnerships globally. We use the latest technologies in the development of energy capture assets and work with our clients to develop energy solutions tailored for their 'fit for purpose' use. Our history and ambitions are rooted in over two decades of experience in wind, solar and hydropower.

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Sustainable Hydrogen

We believe sustainable hydrogen holds the key to the next stage of decarbonization, particularly for hard-to-abate industries. Hydrogen offers a unique solution as an energy storage medium, providing a means to store renewable energy and use it when and where it is needed. Moreover, we see a need for hydrogen-powered mobility in heavy logistics and high-intensity fleets where electrification can have limitations. As a feedstock, hydrogen's versatility for heavy industries allows for the production of low-carbon materials and fuels, promoting sustainability across various sectors. Through our focus on sustainable hydrogen, we aim to drive innovation and enable the widespread adoption of this clean energy vector.

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Energy industry services

Through our participation in DotOcean, Fluves and Marlinks, we provide comprehensive services that play a vital role in monitoring energy infrastructure. We offer advanced technologies and expertise to monitor and maintain the performance of critical energy systems, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability.

Additionally, our GEOxyz entity, performs surveying operations for offshore wind farms, employing cutting-edge techniques and equipment to gather precise data for project development and ongoing maintenance. We also have expertise in building autonomous drones specifically designed for sea operations. These drones are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and software, enabling efficient and safe inspections, data collection, and maintenance tasks in marine environments. Our commitment to innovation contributes to the growth of the renewable energy industry.

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Energy distribution

With DATS 24 we provide comprehensive fueling services that cater to the evolving energy landscape. Recognizing the growing importance of sustainable alternatives, we also provide hydrogen fueling solutions, enabling the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles and supporting the decarbonization of logistics. Our electric charging solutions provide fast and reliable charging infrastructure for EV owners. Our objective is to facilitate our customers path towards a greener and more sustainable energy future.

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