Sustainable Hydrogen

Sustainable hydrogen plays a key role in the energy transition. Besides its role as a raw material for the industry, hydrogen can be used as a fuel for sectors such as the steel industry, as well as for mobility applications in the aviation sector, shipping, and intensively used road fleets.

Innovating since 2007

Since 2007, Virya Energy has been developing, financing and operating sustainable hydrogen production plants through different entities, today gathered under Virya H2.

Virya H2 focuses on the production of sustainable hydrogen on an industrial scale. Virya H2 uses water electrolysis technology to produce green hydrogen, powered by renewable electricity. With this technology, hydrogen can be produced by releasing only water and oxygen.

We see the development of sustainable hydrogen as a crucial element of our fit for purpose energy solutions offering

With its roots at Colruyt Group, Virya Energy has always had sustainable innovation in its DNA. Since 2007, the company has been working on developing green hydrogen. Over the years, it has acquired unique expertise at different levels of the value chain, namely in production, distribution and mobility applications, in cooperation with Colruyt Group departments.

H2 hydrogen tank

Sustainable Hydrogen holds the key
to the next stage of decarbonisation

Heavy Transport & Logistics

Light by weight and fast to fuel in comparison to batteries (e.g., palletizers at Colruyt Group).

Heavy Industry

Alternative sustainable fuel for industries such as cement where electrification is difficult and use it as raw material to replace grey hydrogen.

Public Transport

Fast refuelling avoids idle time.


Allows for supply and demand balancing as a storage solution.


Supply of H2 as a component of production in chemicals and other industries.

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Our Approach


We have partnered with experts who share our vision for the H2 industry and hold some of the most advanced technology in the sector.


Our project portfolio covers various applications of H2. Ranging from the development of production facilities to bringing H2 as a solution for heavy logistics operations we believe H2 plays a crucial role in a renewable future.

End-to-end mastery

Our experience in the H2 value chain has positioned us at the leading front of the development of the industry. Virya H2 is a member of several public-private associations spearheading the development of the value chain.


Hyoffwind 3 D render 1


Virya Energy is developing a 25 MW power plant in Zeebrugge. Using renewable electricity, the site will produce hydrogen for industry, transport and injection as green gas into the Belgian gas network. The project will benefit from some of the world’s most advanced electrolyser technologies and is one of Belgium’s flagship projects. A similar project is being developed with our Dutch partner Volt H2 in Vlissingen.

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H2 taxi

Virya Energy, partnered with Taxis Verts to test the feasibility and real-life implications of using hydrogen cars as taxis. The 1 year-long pilot project saw the first-ever sustainable hydrogen taxi driving in the Brussels region.

The data thus gathered was compared with data from traditional diesel combustion engines and BEVs.



Virya Energy and the Dutch developer VOLTH2 are co-developing a 25 MW (scalable to 100MW) power plant in Terneuzen, in the North Sea Port. The company has begun planning and developing the construction of a green hydrogen plant with distribution capabilities. The permit has been granted in 2022 and the start of operations is foreseen in 2025.

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