Acting in the world of energy for a better tomorrow

At Virya Energy, we strive to make a sustainable future a reality. We finance, develop, promote and connect sustainable energy initiatives, throughout the whole value chain.

Synergies and efficient processes

Our understanding of the whole sustainable energy value chain, from generation to distribution, allows us to create synergies and set up efficient processes that facilitate our end user's energy transition. This makes it possible for us to provide Fit for Purpose energy to those who need it, when they need it, and in the form they need it. 

Virya Energy's solutions address the energy transition at different scales ranging from the development and operations of large scale windfarms to 'behind the meter' solutions for our business customers.

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Our Business Units

Our teams are spread across four business units grouping technologies and services:

  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Sustainable Hydrogen
  • Energy Industry Services
  • Energy Distribution

This structure allows us to build scale and efficiently.  As our organization grows, we are continuously integrating competences across our teams to offer increasingly holistic energy solutions for our customers.

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Acting in the world of energy
for a better tomorrow.

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