Services for Green Energy Production

A whole ecosystem is needed to support the energy transition and maintain the necessary infrastructure. Our industry services companies accompany energy infrastructure projects from their design to their maintenance, with a focus on off-shore and marine environments.  These are companies that develop and use some of the most advanced technology in the field, helping companies build their project safely, efficiently and with peace of mind.


GEOxyz has established itself as a European leading service provider, focusing on Marine Surveys and Offshore Renewable support activities. They provide all information and data required to design, construct and maintain structures and infrastructures. Based in Belgium, GEOxyz is active in several global flagship energy infrastructure projects.

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dotOcean, based in Brugge with hubs in Gent and Leuven, Belgium, is a leader in pioneering autonomous control and advanced situational awareness software technology for the maritime, civil and security industry. With its AYB (Automate Your Boat) technology in combination with situational awareness it is able to make new or existing vessels and vehicles autonomous and intelligent.

Founded in 2008, dotOcean is also well known for its smart sediment profilers like its GraviProbe and its DensX.

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Dot ocean


Fluves effectively manages the flow of pipelines, industrial assets, sewers, and rivers through its expertise in predictive maintenance monitoring utilizing fiber optic sensing technology. This innovative approach enables Fluves to detect failures with unique precision, extending the lifetime of various assets without any downtime. With advanced monitoring technology and real-time insights, Fluves empowers clients to make well-informed decisions, proactively prevents disruptions, and ensures the seamless operation of critical infrastructure. By strategically connecting fiber optics to the asset, Fluves offers specialized services such as leak and corrosion detection using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) devices.

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Marlinks provides condition-based health monitoring services for submarine power cables. By using fiber optic technology, Marlinks measures a cable’s health status without the need for any additional sensor installation.

An innovative solution that can be retrofitted to existing wind farms and deployed to new projects.

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