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Virya Energy brings together the energy-related activities of our shareholders together. Both the Colruyt Group and Korys have a long history of sustainable investment and business practices. The Colruyt Group has been able to create the lowest carbon footprint of any retailer in Belgium while Korys has close to 20 years of impact investment in areas of energy, health, and retail.


Korys is the investment company of the Colruyt family. Our team of 30 professionals invests in companies and entrepreneurs taking a patient, well-thought-out and sustainable approach.

Investing is the core activity of Korys. We do this through risk-conscious asset management and by taking active participations in companies, projects and funds.

However, Korys strives to create value beyond making financial profits. For us, investing also means inspiring, engaging and committing. The 5P-framework is the cornerstone of our investment strategy: we want to see a positive contribution on People, Planet, Prosperity, in Partnership and in a constructive way (Peace). Following this approach, we help to further build sustainable projects and companies.

It takes time to create sustainable value. This is why Korys invests for the long term, driven by a holistic vision, craftsmanship and commitment.

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Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group operates in the food and non-food distribution sector in Belgium, France and Luxembourg with more than 600 own stores and over 580 affiliated stores. In Belgium, this includes Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet, CRU, Bike Republic and the affiliated SPAR and OKay Compact stores. In France, in addition to Colruyt stores, there are also affiliated Coccinelle, Coccimarket and Panier Sympa stores.

The group is majority shareholder of The Fashion Society, which includes the fashion retail chains ZEB, PointCarré, The Fashion Store and ZEB For Stars. JIMS operates fitness clubs in Belgium and Luxembourg. Solucious and Culinoa deliver foodservice and retail products to professional customers in Belgium (hospitals, SMEs, hospitality sector, etc.).

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