Eoly Coöperatie CV

Eoly Coöperatie cv was founded in Januari 2016 and was recognised by the National Councel of Cooperations in April 2016. This recognition provides guarantee that the concerned companies respect the cooperative values and principles.

Eoly Coöperatie offers participation in windturbine projects: You decide to co-invest? Than you help the energytransition in our country. Once we obtain building permits for a nu windproject, we first offer the neighbours of the new project the opportunity to invest. After that, the capital raise is openen to everybody. The cooperation invests the raised money in a windturbine.

Eoly Coöperatie and Eoly Energy
Eoly Energy will take care of the necessary studies, preparations and construction of the wind farms. In this way, the risk and previous financing of the development is borne by Eoly Energy. Once the permits are in place, construction of the wind farm starts. Eoly Cooperative then becomes a turbine owner.

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North Sea Wind

North Sea Wind is a recognized cooperative company established in 2018 by Parkwind (formerly owned by Virya), Et. Fr. Colruyt et Korys Investments. Through citizen participation, North Sea Wind offers the general public the opportunity to indirectly co-invest in offshore wind energy projects and thus become part of sustainable change. After all, we owe it to future generations to stop just thinking about solutions and actually take action.

For this reason, North Sea Wind offered every person domiciled in Belgium the opportunity to subscribe to its public offering of B shares between July 9, 2019 and November 23, 2019. The minimum subscription amount was 250 euros per person, opening up the possibility of investment with stable returns to a larger audience. 

North Sea Wind raised 13,195,660 euros in less than 5 months. This makes North Sea Wind today the cooperative in Belgium that has raised by far the most money from the general public to invest in green energy. In addition, Et. Fr. Colruyt and Korys Investments raised that amount to 15 million euros shortly after the offer closed.  

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