Louis Langouche

Project Manager Virya Services

Working as a project manager for Virya Energy has been an exciting journey, fueled by my drive to make the world a better place. Virya Energy has not only provided me with an opportunity to contribute to positive change but has also offered me a unique working area, in the twilight zone between engineering and business economics. 

The diversity in my tasks keeps me motivated and engaged:

One aspect of my role involves assisting our participations in optimizing their strategies. The goal here is to collaborate with our companies and support them in achieving their goals. I try to leverage my (still very young) expertise, and help them navigate challenges, identify opportunities, and help drive their success.

I help assess investment ideas both from a technical and financial standpoint. I thoroughly enjoy analyzing projects or new acquisitions, understanding their potential, and determining their viability. Being at the forefront of these evaluations enables me to contribute directly to the growth and sustainability of Virya Energy.

A third part of my role is finding synergies between the companies within our portfolio. This involves identifying connections, collaborations, and shared resources that can optimize operations and enhance overall efficiency. 

Virya Energy is still a very young constellation in full development. There's a lot of talent and energy, and we're giving it shape and structure. The company's commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact on our planet aligns with my values and aspirations. I am excited to continue my journey here, contributing my energy, skills, and ideas. 

In conclusion, if you are seeking a company that combines passion, innovation, and a drive to create positive change, Virya Energy is a very good place to be. I wholeheartedly recommend joining us and embarking on a journey that will enrich your professional life and contribute to a sustainable future.