Stijn Sneyders

Senior Corporate Controller

I started working for Virya Energy beginning of September 2022 as Senior Corporate Controller, after having spent more than 7 years at a consulting firm.

As Virya is still a young company, my daily tasks can vary greatly, going from financial reporting and modelling to investment analysis, financial technical support for portfolio companies, project management, implementation of new financial tools and procedures,… . This means that I have the chance to work on and develop myself in a broad range of fields, however, always with the common goal of adding direct value and supporting the company in creating value in the different projects it is working on.

The chance to contribute and add value to Virya Energy’s goal to accelerate the energy transition to sustainable energy sources, was one of the main reasons for me to join the company, as I was looking for a job with extra social relevance. It motivates me to be part of a company that is working on solutions to cope with the environmental challenges we are facing.

In addition, I was attracted by the young and dynamic team and culture we have at Virya Energy, which maintains a very good balance between very ambitious goals while also paying attention to work-life balance and taking into account the private situation of each team member.

An extra point I very much appreciate, and which was something I only found out when I already joined the company, is the high attention to personal development. Virya Energy and its management gave me the feeling that they consider my personal development as instrumental, both for the benefit of myself and the company.